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Living in New England lends itself to any photographer.  The weather can be quite unpredictable and uncooperative.  Here is a little indoor image of bubbles by fireside.


Here’s to saying good-bye to 2017 and welcoming 2018 with great anticipation of endless possibilities.

Instead of looking what one cannot do but instead what can be accomplished.  Being that it was ridiculously cold outside therefore limiting the desire for any outdoor activities sometimes you look to what you do have available …  bubbles and a fireplace.

Here is to seeing ones opportunities rather than acknowledging obstacles to achieve ones dreams.

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I love being contacted by families that want to capture these times not only for themselves but for other family members.  Its starts with an idea and becomes reality.  This was a special session that mom wanted to create a gallery of canvases for her fathers 70th birthday as a surprise.  He cherishes these kids so this was a gift from the heart.

It started with a picture of where the gallery would be hung.

To help envision the possibilities I cleared away all previous items to start with a clean slate.  See below.

Now create a gallery from their favorite images so they can preview the final product before making the investment.


The software I use utilizes your own wall space to help you envision the endless possibilities.  No space is too large or small to create lasting memories around your home.

We live in a digital age and tend not to print or display our images but merely share on social media.  Do yourself a favor and print them out.   There is nothing worse than having lost your phone or have a hard drive crash and not be able to recover them.

All my sessions come with some prints and digitals for archiving.  It’s the best of both worlds.

Even the grandmother got her own canvas to enjoy.

Sarah Harrigan Photography is located in Vernon, Connecticut serving all surrounding areas specializing in children, family and senior photography.


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There is something special about being able to capture newborn babies.  It is truly an honor to be able to capture these moments for the parents and grandparents.   They change so quickly the only opportunity to capture this is in the first few weeks.  Once this time passes you cannot turn the clock back and try again.  This little angel made us work for every shot but he was so sweet.



Newborns are constantly changing and being able to capture them within the first few weeks is essential in preserving this time in their lives.  Camden is growing like a weed and is so incredibly loved by his mom and dad.  This time is merely a fleeting moment in the years to come.  So glad they chose me to capture this for them.



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