How do I book a session?

You can fill out the Contact Me form on my web page.  Click here.


Are digitals included in the session fee?

Yes digitals are including in your session but the number of digitals depend on the session you choose.  You will have the opportunity to purchase additional digitals if you wish.


How long is the session?

Petite Sessions are up to 30 minutes and Full Sessions are up to 60 minutes.  The more subjects and combination of those subjects also contribute to how long it will take to capture the desired images.  The younger the subjects the longer it may take to position them.


 How long does it take to get my photo images?

After the session I will glean through the images and pick the best ones.  Within the first couple of days after your session you will receive a soft proof gallery.  These images are not yet edited but I want you to choose your favorites as they may be different than the ones I choose.  Depending on the session you chose will depend on how many images you may pick.  I will edit your favorites and place them back in the gallery within two weeks for immediate download.


Are all the images taken during the session included in the gallery?

Not all images are worthy as they may be blurry or eyes may be closed. I will however put a number of images into a soft proof gallery as stated above for you to choose your favorites for me to do a final edit.


How many images are included in my gallery?

The number of images will depend on the type of session.  Every session includes a varying amount of edited images.  You will always have the opportunity to purchase images if you wish.


What type of paper are the prints printed on?

I currently have  Lustre available for prints.

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