How do I book a session?

You can fill out the Contact Me form on my web page.  That gives me the essential information to contact you and discuss your photography needs.  Click here.


Are digitals included in the session fee?

I currently have three types of sessions available.  The Petite Session, Full Session as well as the Deluxe Session which all vary in a number of images, prints, and time allotted for the session. All have a varying number of images available but the Fulll and Deluxe include digitals and prints.  I  will run specials at various times throughout the year.


How long is the session?

Depending on the type of session but they can run anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes.  Not only is the type of session a factor but how many people and the age of participants plays an important role as well. For instance, the more people and the younger the participants are usually require a longer session time allotment.


 How long does it take to get my photo images?

Once your order is submitted it will take approximately 2 weeks for delivery of your prints. All prints will be sent to me for quality control and packaging into my signature folios and then can be picked up. You will have the option to have your prints shipped faster at checkout. If you purchase digital images you have the ability to have them download immediately upon payment.


Are all the images taken during the session included in the gallery?

I edit and glean through a minimum number of images for to uploaded to your gallery. Not all images are worthy as they may be blurry or eyes may be closed. Part of the service is that I will check and edit the best of the session for you to view.  If there is an abundance of images I may provide a softproofing gallery for you to decide your final images.


How many images are included in my gallery?

The number of images will depend on the type of session that you choose. You may also choose black and white images upon checkout of your prints from your gallery.


What type of paper are the prints printed on?

I currently have  Lustre available for prints.



Vernon, Connecticut