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The answer to the question is definitely necessity.  Anything you want to do well requires continued education to keep up with your competition.   By competition I mean your own self.  You should always consider yourself your own competition.  Learn enough that you can do better this week what you did last week.  I was lucky enough to invest in two wonderful workshops last year.   Each one offered a chance to not only meet other talented artists but learn from them as well.   I was able to attend a Meg Bitton Workshop in Tenafly, NJ in June and with a full day workshop with Sandra Bianco in Wells, Maine in October.  Their style of photography captures everyday moments and transform them into art.  Each with their own approach and yet they capture timeless images time after time.

Taking what you learn and making it your own is another process that evolves and sometimes takes on a mind of its own.  I have learned during the winter months in New England can also be a slower time for photographers unless you have a studio.  Shooting outside is truly what I love and captures the beauty of New England.   Winter is often a very good time to enlist in the on-line webinars.  Again, I look to two of my favorites to learn their techniques in the editing arena.

Capturing your subject is really just a part of the art.  The other part is being able to edit your image so that everyone who views it can see what you envisioned.  There are also times that the images morph into something even better than you imagine.

The first image was from Meg Bittons Workshop.  A little lady and a cuddling a kitten named Thor.  How cute are they?

We had the opportunity to first watch Meg as she would capture her subjects.  We started late late afternoon for the perfect light and headed into the woods.  Four different set ups allowed us to practice and learn from different types of clients we may capture.  They each had a unique approach so we would have our own takeaways from each group.  Since there were several of us we broke out into four differnt groups to allow us to work individually with our subjects and ask questions of Meg as we worked.  After we were finished we went back to the studio to learn how she would edit one image from each set up.  We learned how to look for the light and how to capture out subjects naturally.  Above is one of my favorite images as I love to include the furry family members in my family or child sessions.  The interactions are real and emotional.  Isn’t that what we want to remember?

The second workshop I had the honor of attending was Sandra Bianco’s Wells Maine workshop.  I had literally been waiting a few years to attend as her workshops sell out pretty quickly.  This gave me the opportunity to be able to drive and stay rather than flying.  Her workshop started in late morning of getting together with the other workshop participants and we all discussed what our hopes and what we considered to be struggles.  The group for this workshop was smaller which enabled easier interaction with each other and our mentor Sandra.

Anna had the eyes that could see right through you.  WIth such depth and perception she could conquer anything she set her sights on.

Those lashes can make anyone swoon with envy.  Beautiful Rhys.

These girls were willing to stand or sit anywhere.  Just look at those colors and texture of the berries!

Natures brilliant colors cannot be matched.  Another reason to love New England.

The above images are just a few of my favorites.  These girls were fabulous and took direction from all of us very well.  Being able to give direction is also something of a talent that we were able to practice and perfect.  The colors of Fall come alive with these images in this workshop.    I often come back to these images and re-edit with new techniques that I have learned through webinars that I continue to take throughout the year.

Many professions encourage you to continue with your education.  Photography is one that requires you to due to the everchanging technology.  Between the equipment and software one has to continue to learn and incorporate that knowledge into their work.  As I have mentioned I have taken a few workshops and try to take that knowledge and incorporate it into my work and make it my own.

I look forward to what 2017 brings and hope that I will be honored to capture you and your family this year.



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The answer to that question is yes. Can you really put a price on memories? The answer to that question is no. But we can put a price on a cup of coffee, manicures, hair salon etc.

Cup of coffee
Day $ 2.00
Week $ 10.00 (let us pretend only during workdays)
Month $ 40.00 (let us pretend only 4 weeks to a month)
Year $ 480.00
Longevity = 30 minutes for each cup

Every 2 weeks $ 25.00
Month $ 50.00
Year $ 600.00
Longevity = 2 weeks

Hair Salon
Every 6-8 weeks $ 125.00
Yearly $ 1,000.00

My point is we don’t flinch to spend money on many of these things but their enjoyment if short-lived.

Aren’t the memories of your loved ones important enough to capture and display?  Time moves so quickly that we can barely catch our breath before running onto the next obligation.  Stop, take and deep breath and look around…. when was the last time you captured your family all together.  Don’t let that moment pass you by.

I make a point of doing a session for my kids in the Fall of whatever school year they are in.  This year is a pivotal year for them both.  One is starting high school while the other is starting middle school.  So when you are thinking of hiring your photographer look at their portfolio and pick one that suits your style.  Look at what they offer in their packages.  More images doesn’t always translate to a better photographer.  Choose someone that will make the experience a memorable one for you and your family.

I look at images that I captured of my two boys and I am thankful that I at least captured as many as I did.  My main three packages include both digitals and prints so you can display as well as archive them to ensure their safety.  Your family grows each and every day and it is up to you to make sure those memories are captured.  Contact me today to discuss what session will meet your needs.  Payment plans are also available so that you can plan and save and make the most of your session.  Contact me for details from the link in the main menu.


2014                                          2015                                           2016

I have been lucky enough to capture this family for the past three years in a row and witness the girls grow into wonderful young women.  I have been guilty of not getting in the picture with my family as I am usually behind the camera.  This year I made sure to capture all of us together.  Once they are captured that time has been frozen for you to reflect on those memories for a lifetime.  Isn’t it worth it to invest in such memories?



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With as many expenses that families have now a photography session usually, falls by the wayside. For many, it is considered a luxury but for others, it is a necessity.

When I was younger our home burned down and it was a total loss including many childhood and family photographs. So now our generation has become accustomed to archiving digitally. I totally understand why archiving is important but how can you enjoy those memories if they are tucked away on a computer, disc or flash drive?

Believe it or not, there is a solution. Have your favorites printed by your photographer and save your images to archive. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. It is the main reason why I offer both in my photography packages. The only exception is the mini which in fact is merely a way to showcase a snippet in time. They are shorter in session length but give the opportunity to capture certain times in your child’s lives.

If you are going to pay to have those images printed why not get them done professionally? The labs that most photographers use are professional labs that calibrate their printers and ensure the quality of the printed image. These are the prints you will want to feature in your home for years to come.

Do something nice for you and your family that will be cherished for years and generations to come. Schedule a session now while you are thinking of it. They are only this young once and it is the only way to freeze time.

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