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Three years ago I had decided to start my photography business.  The market has become saturated with photographers with moms that were staying home and thought it would be an easy way to bring in extra money.  Everyone starts somewhere and the competition continues to be fierce.  To it is up to the individual to set themselves apart from all other photographers.

Being a photographer is so much more than just snapping a few clicks on a camera.  It is learning and being able to manipulate your manual settings to achieve the look that you envision.  Following photographers top of their field, watching hours of endless tutorials, attending workshops from others at the top of their field, peruzing Etsy for vendors that make amazing halos, knit products and props can be and very much time consuming and financially exhausting.

So “snapping” those photos is just a part of the art.  Editing and gleaning through for the best of the best can also be time consuming.  Though the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) images are usually pretty good but it’s what is done in the editing that gives it the “WOW’ factor.

Here is an example of a before (SOOC) and after editing image as an example.


So I thank all my return customers and all my new clients for following me on this journey.  I look forward to capturing those memories for you to cherish for years.

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There is a special bond as well as language between twins. These two little ladies are lucky enough to have an older sister watching out for them as well.

I found the most amazing spot on one of my travels one day and vision becomes reality.


Hannah loved the hat and it looks like it was made for her.


Dehnel-1647Her sister Hope couldn’t get enough of the princess halo.


The secret language of twins.  Only they can understand but the love and friendship can be witnessed by everyone.

Dehnel FB-1694-2

The most beautiful field of wild flowers make the perfect opportunity for little ladies.



Three little ladies growing up so fast.  Oh the adventures they will endure will surely keep their mom and dad on their toes.

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As we near the end of summer incoming seniors are starting to make plans for the next years.  College visits, scholarships and financial aid are all on the agenda.  It’s a memorable time in their lives and many are getting their senior portraits done during the summer.  Here is Cameron who is part of the graduating class of 2016 of Cheney Tech.  Oh the places he will go!!!


Color-1572 WM-1571

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