Everyday life… capture it!

Sometimes we get so entwined and focused on milestones we forget the images of everyday life.  Don’t get me wrong I do believe that milestones are important to capture.  I also believe that milestone can be anything you want them to be.  They don’t have to be constrained to just an age.  I have tried to document the important times in my own childrens lives.  It could be when they enter middle school and high school.  What is important to your child and what is important for you to remember?  But we must not forget the everyday life should be documented as well.

For example below is an image of Peyton.  I have a black and white version but the color one shows how red his cheeks are from sledding with friends outside.  He is intently cooling his hot chocolate before consuming.  It’s a reminder of my kids going out in the cold and sledding for hours.

I have plenty of the images of the important times in their lives but it’s the everyday images that trigger these wonderful memories.


The next example is Walker last spring during his lacrosse season.  He was one of the smallest kids on the team as you can see by the other players on the sideline.  He concentrates and awaits being put back in.  He never gives up and always puts 100%.  This image shows his character and how much he is growing.


So make sure to capture the everyday life of your kids as those are the ones that will spark the wonderful memories.

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